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How to decide on the finish of your new hardwood flooring

For those householders asking the question about what type of finish they should opt for, the answer is very much in their own hands. This is certainly a frequently asked question of people looking to buy a wooden floor for their home, but there is no right or wrong choice.

This very much depends on the personal tastes of those choosing the hardwood floor, although there are things to think about with each different one.

It is always advisable to take home samples of the wood you are contemplating having installed in your property, or at least see a fitted floor for yourself before going ahead and having the work done.

At the end of the day, you need to be sure that it looks right in the light conditions, while taking into account the furniture and decorations you are thinking of having in the room where the hardwood flooring is due to go.

For a quick rundown on the finish types, a slight sheen is often to be expected with laminate, but where wood is concerned it can come lacquered, oiled or even left unfinished. With lacquer, a Gloss, Satin or Matt finish will be left by this hard varnish which is able to protect the wood. For a more natural finish you may wish to go for oil - also offering protection for the wood, but as it wears it manages to gather its lustre, oil is also very simple to patch repair, unlike lacquer.

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