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How to go about cleaning a pre-finished hardwood floor (Part 3)

Now we have gone over the main cleaning tips you can put into practice with your pre-finished hardwood floor, we will go over a few additional points you should bear in mind with this.

To revive any dull areas on a floor, you could consider using a floor refresher, while steam cleaning is often recommended as an alternative method of maintaining wood flooring, this can be risky due to the moisture.

It is recommended that you do not let dirt accumulate on your floor so you may want to sweep the floors at least once a week, making sure not to ignore any corner areas which are often neglected.

For hardwood floors in the kitchen, these may need to be cleaned even more frequently due to hygiene issues and to prevent the floor from getting damaged in any way.

When it comes to removing tough stains, you can apply floor cleaner to a cloth and delicately rub the stain until it gradually dissipates.

There are certain precautions you need to take when going about the cleaning of your hardwood floor. Some of these include:

• Do not use a wet mop to clean the floor
• Ammonia, soap and detergents should be avoided
• A polyurethane finished floor should not be waxed
• Always be sure to read the instructions before applying any floor cleaner.

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