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How to go about polishing your hardwood flooring (Part 2)

As we have already stressed in the previous article, what you get from polishing your floor certainly outweighs the work you have to put in – although the task needs to be carried out in the right way for the finish to look professional and not the work of an amateur.

Despite the fact you don’t need to prepare the floor in any special way, you will need to buff it first. The professionals will have this equipment already, but for householders doing DIY, the buffer may have to be rented out. When buffing the floor, always refer to the instructions supplied with the machine.

For waxed floors, it is advisable to have the finish removed before a fresh coat is applied. Wax strippers can be used to do this, while mineral spirit products will also produce the same results.

Before any new layers of wax are applied, the floor has to be completely dry first. Try opening any windows to speed up the process. Apply the wax to the floor using clean rags, working it in small areas, in an outwards direction starting from the inside of the room.

After the wax has completely dried, the floors can be buffed again to give it a real shine. While this work can be done yourself, it is recommended you consider the specialists as they can ensure this work is done properly and to the highest possible standard.

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