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How to go about re-oiling your hardwood floor

If you have had hardwax oil applied to your wood flooring, it is highly recommended that you get it re-oiled every one or two years. In the meantime you can apply maintenance oil to keep it looking at its best.

The re-oiling process needs to be carried out in the right way, so be sure to read up on the approved methods. We will now go through some of the stages involved with this work.

Firstly, if the floor needs to be thoroughly cleaned, use a recommended product like Osmo or Fiddes Wash and Care. This cleaning concentrate is very economical to use and you just need to add water to it.

Once this has been done, the next step in the maintenance procedure is to buff it using 150-grade sandpaper.

A thin coat of oil should then be applied to the surface. This can either be achieved by hand or by using a buffing machine, brush or soft cloth. After it has been allowed to dry, usually taking a 6 to 10 hours, it can then be buffed if required, using the methods previously mentioned until you get the perfect sheen.

If you feel you do not want to risk the condition of your floor by performing this maintenance yourself, you could always turn to the wooden flooring experts who can carry out this work for you to an exceptionally high standard.

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