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How To Improve Traction on Wooden floors

There's no denying that solid wood surfaces are timelessly attractive, durable and easy-to-clean. However, some people are put off by the possible lack of traction and grip especially on stairs and uncarpeted surfaces. The sheer chances of slipping and skidding accidentally when moving up and down solid wood surfaces are twice as high compared to other 'conventional' floors such as carpet, but there are things you can do to ensure you have better tractions and an attractive wooden floor, and we’ve listed a few options below.

1. Make Use of Non-skid Clear Tape

This works best for stairs, steps and other frequently used corridors. Not only does a layer of correctly installed non-skid clear tape improve the aesthetics of your flooring, but it also provides excellent grip without sacrificing the signature elegance of a wooden floor. The only downside of employing such a method of improving your floor's grip is that the adhesive from the transparent tape tends to remove the wood vanish during replacement.

2. Employ Carpet Stair Treads

Carpet Stair Treads are a recommended way of improving the foot traction of your stairs but while still showing up the allure that solid wood stairs give off. If choosing this option, you will still need to secure the treads with double-sided carpet tape to keep the treads in place. Speaking of which, if you do decide to cover the entire stairs with treads, you might want to put a rug at the bottom to improve the traction at the base of the staircase. Some people love this look in their home, but if not, there is a third option.

3 Use Non-skid Floor Coating

Unlike Non-skid floor tape, a non-skid floor coating doesn't unnecessarily damage your wooden floor, and nor does it take away the sophistication that a hardwood floor adds to your living room. If you’re worried about these coatings dulling the shine of the wood, there are some brands that still allow the shine that is typically associated with a well-polished hardwood floor. It’s worth noting that the majority of flooring professionals prefer a non-skid coating to regular floor tapes since there's no adhesive to get rid of whenever you want to replace the worn out tape.

All in all, there is a whole range of options that you can apply on your floor to improve the traction and keep accidental skidding and slipping at bay. It all depends on an array of factors; from your budget, to how much of your floor you're willing to sacrifice at the altar of traction and sure grip. Visit us here for more tips and some great wooden flooring options.


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