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How to manage your under-floor heated wood floor (Part 1)

If you have recently had hardwood flooring installed above an under-floor heating system, then it is imperative that you understand how this can affect your newly-laid floor.

Over this article and the following one we will be discussing the best way to ensure that your wood floor is able to settle into its surrounding without being adversely affected by the fitted heating component.

For a start it is worth mentioning that you should read carefully the operating instructions you received from the heating supplier and making sure it can work perfectly well in conjunction with the sensitive nature of wood flooring.

As you have already had this installed by now, we should assume that this is the case, but it is still important to bear everything in mind. One piece of advice you should adhere to is that you need to wait at least a day following the floor fitting before the under-floor heating is turned on for the first time.

When you do decide to turn it on be sure to increase the temperature very slowly (by only about 1-2 degrees per day) from its minimum setting to a maximum of 26 degrees floor temperature. This should be carried out across one to two weeks before the temperature is reduced to a comfortable level.

You have to be careful when adding a protective covering to the floor during this process as unless it is permeable to heat, the wood floor can easily get damaged.

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