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How to manage your under-floor heated wood floor (Part 2)

In making sure that you do not experience any problems with regards to your newly installed wood flooring and under-floor heating we have stressed the need to let the floor come to terms with the fitted system by increasing the temperature incrementally.

However, you still cannot discount the seasonal movement which will naturally occur in the flooring. At this time of the year when the heating is on constantly, the environment will be noticeably drier.

This means that you will need to keep the conditions as steady as possible. You can achieve this by maintaining an ambient air humidity level of between 40 and 60 per cent. The recommended room temperature is 18-22 degrees centigrade, so it is important you do your utmost to ensure this is the case.

To reach a comfortable temperature may take some time because of the insulating properties of the wooden floor. You need to give it the space to reach this level, as by raising the set flow temperature this could result in adverse effects. It is also necessary to limit the wood surface temperature to 26 degrees and no higher.

These points should all be taken into account when you have just had a wooden floor fitted over a new heating system.

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