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How to protect your wood floors from everyday scuffs and scratches

If you have a wood floor and want to keep it looking pristine, you will need to take some basic precautions to protect it from everyday damage. Just by following a few simple steps, you can avoid the necessity of having your wood floor re-sanded.

Follow these top tips:

Bring in a ‘no shoes in the house’ rule. This will prevent your floor from being damaged as well as dirtied by shoes, especially high heels, stilettos or any other footwear with an abrasive sole.

Put down entrance mats. Without realising it, you could be bringing abrasive and floor-scratching bits of dirt and grit into the house on your shoes. To prevent this, simply put mats at all entrances to your home and remember to wipe your feet when you come in.

Put protectors on all furniture legs. Chair and table legs can scratch your floor when moved, but you can protect your floor from this kind of damage by putting cushioned pads on the bottom of all furniture. You should also try to lift, rather than drag, furniture items when you want to moved them.

Vacuum regularly. This limits the chance that any abrasive dust, dirt or residue will damage your floor.

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