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Important advice for the use of lacquered floor treatment products

For those that have had either a residential or commercial lacquered hardwood floor installed in the building it is necessary to only use the most appropriate care and treatment products.

Junckers have brought out a number of recommended cleaners and polishes that can be applied to this surface. However, there are still some things that need to be remembered before going ahead with any maintenance on the floor.

Before ever re-lacquering the surface, you should use a product like Junckers SYLVAstrip to clean the floor and then have it keyed. Only then will the surface be ready for this maintenance as it is now dust-free and its adherence is more likely to be hardwearing once more.

If a floor has been treated with polish or wax in the past, it will need to be machine-sanded before Junckers seals can be used to apply the lacquer.

As you prepare the room for use after the lacquered floor has been allowed to settle, place felt pads beneath table legs and chairs so that the freshly-cleaned surface will not be scratched by this furniture. Where extreme wear is more likely to happen, protective matting can also be used.

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