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Impressive wood flooring from the world’s oldest manufacturer

Kahrs is a name synonymous with wood and the production of high quality flooring. The company has been in this business for over 150 years now, so you can certainly have faith in their products, and the fact they have managed to remain at the forefront of wood flooring technology.

With the world of business as competitive as it has ever been, it is a tribute to their innovation that the Kahrs wood floors being made today are still considered some of the best floors around.

And yet, the head office of this established manufacturer is still in a small Swedish town called Nybro, where the company was first founded.

These floors will last for generations to come as they are not difficult to clean and maintain, while there is no need to use strong chemicals on the surface. The production process is completely solvent-free, as part of its eco-friendly policy.

As a flexible flooring solution, these floors can be fitted in shops, hotels, offices, sports arenas and concert halls in addition to being well-suited for home installation.

So if you happen to be after a hardwood flooring that you know has been made by master craftsmen, make sure you go to an authorised supplier of Kahrs floors such as Justwood flooring.

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