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Installing wood flooring in rooms where moisture is an issue

Due to the fact that it can take time for hardwood flooring to settle into a new environment, most householders decide that they prefer to have their new floor installed in the bedroom, dining room, living room or hallway. However, wooden flooring can actually be fitted in most settings.

If the room where the wood flooring is to go is in a kitchen or conservatory where there may be an issue with spillages, moisture or varying temperatures, we can supply and fit a multi-layer engineered floor and also use a damp proof underlay. This type of underlay can also help to level the subfloor, removing minor irregularities while offering a range of other benefits too.

There are different types of underlay available and you can expect that only those endorsed by the leading wood floor producers are utilised by the installation specialists.

If there is high moisture content in the subfloor a waterproof surface membrane will need to be smoothed out, before the right kind of adhesive or underlay is applied to it. Some of the latest surface products provide a dual moisture barrier and also offer good ventilation which is important. As they can be fitted quite easily, having an underlay is an excellent solution to this type of problem.

When you are considering having a new wooden floor fitted in your home, be sure to speak to the specialists today about any concerns you might have.

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