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Is it normal for gaps to appear between the boards in winter?

For those that have had wooden flooring for the first time in their home, it is difficult to know what to expect as the floor begins to adapt and get used to its new surroundings.

As we are now in wintertime, despite the conditions deteriorating rather later than in previous years, the indoor climate of a house may now be starting to affect the wood floor, with gaps beginning to appear between some of the boards.

If you are wondering whether there is something wrong with the way your floor has been installed, then you can rest assured that this is completely normal at this time of the year. There is usually nothing at all to get bothered about as the boards will soon move towards each other again as the humidity levels increase.

This form of gapping is something that you will have to get used to around this time of the year, as the movement of the boards is subject to the fluctuating moisture levels in the environment.

Your hardwood floor may contract due to these changing conditions, with the central heating providing for a much drier atmosphere, but you can certainly expect things to return to normal again as the weather improves outside.

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