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Is my sub-floor suitable for a Tarkett wood floor?

Before installing a wood floor - before even shopping for one – it is very important to check the sub-floor. It needs to be in great condition, level and even all over, and it also needs to be compatible with the type of floor you plan to install.

If you are planning to lay a Tarkett wood floor, being one of the most popular wooden floor brands on the market at the moment, you need to check whether your sub-floor and your new Tarkett floor are going to get along. Luckily, Tarkett floors work well with a wide range of sub-floor types, including:

• Tile, stone, marble and concrete (compatible with laminate, vinyl and wood)
• Very Short pile carpets (compatible with laminate, vinyl and wood)
• Wooden sub-floors (compatible with laminate, vinyl and wood)
• Embossed vinyl (must be removed or covered up for vinyl, otherwise compatible with laminate and wood)

However, before you go ahead and order your new Tarkett floor, make sure you double-check whether your sub-floor is a match with it. Different products have different installation requirements, and it may be that your sub-floor is not right for the floor you’ve picked out. Justwood offer a full and extensive survey of the subfloor prior to order.

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