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Is wooden flooring suitable for installation in a basement?

While many homes in this country do not have a basement or cellar, there are still some properties that have one or more rooms below the ground level. If this is the case with your house and you were considering having a hardwood flooring solution fitted, you may we wondering if it is a recommended choice or not.

Renovating any unused rooms in a property is becoming very popular as many homeowners are now converting these spaces into additional bedrooms or living areas. So if you wanted the comfort and warmth factors this type of flooring can bring you it is important to find out all the issues involved.

The problem with installing a hardwood floor in a basement is that high moisture levels are certainly going to be a factor. The damp environment may therefore lead to the excessive expanding and contracting of the floor.

However, this does not mean that you have to discount the idea entirely. On the contrary, using an engineered hardwood floor in this kind of environment would be more sensible as you still manage to get the aesthetic benefits of this flooring choice but only the top layer is solid hardwood. They can be treated to be resistant to moisture and as it has a plywood base layer; this makes it ideal for a basement space.

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