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Jarrah: An Australian Hardwood Species

The desire for extremely dark woods paired with cream or white furniture has been around for a few years now but shows no sign of going away. If this is a look that you like, but don’t want to seem as if you are simply following the herd then one option could be to look at Jarrah hardwood flooring.

Warm and exotic

Jarrah is a type of eucalyptus. In fact, in its native Western Australia, it is one of the most common types of eucalyptus. A mature tree can reach around 40m and be 3m in diameter. Young wood can be shaped conventionally but seasoned wood is extremely hard which makes it a good choice for flooring where durability is desired.

If you are looking for a dark floor that is something just a little bit different and unique then jarrah is perhaps the wood you have been searching for. It is a rich, reddish brown in colour with a coarse, even grain that sometimes forms interlocking wavy patterns. As it ages natural light darkens the surface of the wood changing the balance of highlights and the wood can mature to a deep burgundy or chestnut colour.

Where to use

Jarrah is a wood that will withstand a lifetime of use. Some other uses for jarrah wood include railway sleepers, ships and bridges as it is rot and water resistant. This makes it ideal for almost any room of the house. It creates a striking impression in an entrance hall where it will shrug off muddy boots with just a little soap and water. It will deal with splashes and spills in the kitchen and could even be installed in a conservatory.

Perhaps the best use of it, however, is as a statement floor in your living or dining room. Just imagine those gorgeous dark russet hues offset by oversized sofas and a glass and metal coffee table to allow you to sit back and enjoy the natural beauty it offers.

Professional installation

Here at Just Wood we can advise you on how best to bring the beauty of jarrah into your home and, if you wish, we can install the floor which will bring you peace of mind that your floor has been professionally and correctly laid leading to a long and low-maintenance lifetime. Why not request a sample to see the beauty of this exotic wood for yourself?

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