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Kährs-designed floor laid in Sylvia Young Theatre School

A special sports floor designed by the flooring manufacturer Kährs has now been installed in a number of studios in the world-famous Sylvia Young Theatre School in London.

The flooring, a Kahrs Activity floor maple strip sports floor, has been specified for all ten studios in the theatre school. It was designed specially to complement the ecclesiastic architecture of the school, as well as to absorb shock, improve energy return and deliver many other performance benefits.

The project, carried out by main contractor Coniston Ltd, covered around 1,000 square metres of flooring. The project also involved the building of a resilient understructure system for the flooring to be laid on, as well as the application of a durable satin lacquer layer, the ideal finish for a sports floor, once installation was complete.

The installation of the flooring was part of an extensive refurbishment project at Sylvia Young, which since its establishment in 1981 has become one of the most famous specialist performing arts schools in the world.

As a wood flooring designer, Kährs has been involved with many high-profile projects in the past, including specifying the flooring at Edinburgh’s Hotel of the Year and supplying the flooring for the renovation of St Nicholas’ church in Nottingham.

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