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Keeping your wooden flooring safe from harm

One of the primary concerns which many of those who are looking to install wooden flooring is how they’re going to look after it properly, although those who are able to manage carpets certainly shouldn’t face any difficulty in keeping wooden flooring in good condition.

Obviously, after investing in new wooden flooring, you’ll want to keep it as pristine as possible for as long possible, and this shouldn’t be difficult provided you follow a few steps and take a little extra care.

With wooden flooring, you need to make sure that you clean up any liquids spills as quickly as possible, with either a dry or slightly damp cloth. Leaving liquid spills for only a short period of time could cause staining.

Placing protectors under furniture will help to prevent furniture from scratching wooden flooring, and mats placed at doorways and in areas where damage is most likely to occur will also help to keep your new investment safe from harm.

Make sure that you only use the cleaning products recommended to you by your flooring specialist too, as you could be running the risk of causing extensive and expensive to repair damage.

Don’t let the thought of care and maintenance deter you from investing in wooden flooring though- it really is very easy.

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