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Make the most of your conservatory with hardwood flooring

During the summer, there are few better feelings than setting up a comfy chair and relaxing in your garden in the warm, summer sun. But sadly, summer is behind us, and as the temperatures continue to drop and the days get shorter, the opportunities to spend time relaxing outside become few and far between.

Don’t worry though, as there is a solution to your problem – a conservatory. Conservatories have always been popular, but recent years have seen their numbers skyrocket. Not only does a conservatory provide you with extra space in your home, but it gives you the benefits of being outside, without having to worry about the weather! Conservatories draw a lot of natural light, making them great places to retreat to during the colder, darker months.

If you are considering having a conservatory built in your home, hardwood flooring can be a great addition; but before deciding on which type of wood you want for your flooring, you need to think about what function you want your conservatory to have.

If you are limited on space and can only have a small conservatory built, a lighter hardwood like oak or birch will reflect the natural light, giving the illusion of more space. It could be the case, however, that you want to create a cosy place where you can hide away and have some time to yourself. If this is your aim, you may be better off going with a darker, more exotic hardwood, such as jarrah or jatoba, as these can make your conservatory feel warm and welcoming.

While some people may point out that hardwood flooring can be colder on your feet than carpet, by adding a rug you can eliminate this issue, while still being able to appreciate the beauty of your hardwood flooring.

By putting a little bit of thought and planning into your conservatory, you can create an amazing space that you will want to spend time in all year round, whatever the weather.


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