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More about using solid oak floor boards and fitting them

When it comes to the use of hardwood for making furniture as well as floors it is no surprise that oak, and American white oak in particular, is one of the most popular species of all.

This is partially down to its long life and strength, but also because it boasts a quite beautiful & timeless appearance. If you are considering solid oak flooring for your home then there are many things to think about.

There are many different finishes available in white oak as well as the red oak type and European oak. They can be selected to suit the room where you wish to have the flooring fitted.

The floorboards used for this type of flooring contain timber which has been kiln dried to the perfect moisture content, with each individual piece being unique in its own way. You can be sure that when deciding on solid oak hardwood flooring, you are going for something that retains the tree’s individual characteristics and is unique to you, as every bit of grain is different.

It is important to note that when this flooring is installed in your home you can expect the boards to react to changes in moisture and humidity levels – this is quite normal and nothing to be alarmed about.

By having the floor fitted by the professionals you can be sure the conditions will be right for it to acclimatise and you will be left with a great looking oak floor.

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