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More on removing tough stains from hardwood floors (Part 1)

As we have been explaining, it is not the end of the world when the stains in your floor don’t seem to be coming out straight away using the normal cleaning routine. However, the issue should still be addressed as soon as possible to prevent damage to the floor itself.

Hardwood flooring maintenance can always be carried out by the specialists, but you can still try a few things to attempt to remove the stains and strong odour yourself.

We have been stressing the fact that how you look at the problem is determined by whether it is just a stain on the wood finish or if it has managed to penetrate the surface.

The type of solution to removing the stain will depend on this, so it is important to be sure. Be careful when selecting a so-called magic cleaning solution though and stick to the recommended products advised by the hardwood flooring experts.

Sometimes, just by using a decent pH neutral cleaner, stains can be removed through a bit of spot cleaning. But if this does not work there are other things you could attempt to address this problem. In the next article we will be considering a few more of these.

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