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More on removing tough stains from hardwood floors (Part 2)

We have recently been concentrating the focus of our blog posts on the removal of tough stains and potent smells which can affect hardwood flooring, or almost any other type of floor or floor covering for that matter.

Should you ever be faced with the situation where the usual spot cleaning does not seem to be working on the floor, all is not lost as there are other ways to get rid of even the most difficult of stains.

If it is just the finish of the floor which has been stained, an extra-fine rubbing pad made from nylon can be used to help you out. Be careful just to remove as little of the finish as possible for the mark to come out.

Certain types of stains can be removed by using particular solutions. For example, where there are black heel or crayon marks to deal with, mineral spirit solvents can be applied where a water-based solution proves ineffective.

In our last article on the subject we will be carrying on with this theme, giving you some more examples, as well as describing a last resort method of getting rid of difficult stains on your otherwise beautiful hardwood flooring.

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