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Oak hardwood flooring and its incredible versatility

The great thing about hardwood flooring is that there are so many types of wood, patterns, designs and finishes to choose from. There is even more choice if you go with laminate or engineered wood flooring, where you can create virtually any look you could imagine.

Of all the many beautiful types of wood out there, oak has to be one of the most popular. A key reason why oak hardwood flooring can be found in so many homes nowadays is its versatility, as there is a wide spectrum of colour tones and textures to choose from.  You can do virtually anything with it, and it works well in all rooms of the house as well as in commercial environments.

Whilst you can find oak in nearly every colour tone and style, the most commonly used varieties for hardwood flooring are European character grade, red oak and American white oak.  Red oak is very popular in America, where it is known for its pinkish/brown tone and the way it gradually changes colour over time. American white oak is also incredibly popular, mainly due to its classic beauty, strength and resilience, But by far the most popular choice in the UK is European character oak in wide planks.

Oak is also known for its strength and durability, making it a sound investment for any home. With proper maintenance, it can retain its natural beauty and serve you and your family well for decades to come.

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