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Pergo floors offer amazing sound reduction – but just how do they do it?

Anyone who has ever had a Pergo laminate floor in their home cannot have failed to notice the incredible sound reductions these floor surfaces offer. Footsteps and other room noise can barely be heard, which makes Pergo floors perfect for shared buildings like office complexes and apartments. But just how do they do it?

Pergo has 4 clever tricks up its sleeve when it comes to sound reduction:

1. SoundBloc. The manufacturer’s innovative technology consists of a sound reducing underlay material that is fixed to the underside of floor boards. As it’s already attached to the boards, installation of the floor and underlay is quick and easy.

2. SoftTech. Another clever piece of Pergo technology, SoftTech makes floors even quieter by dramatically improving shock absorption and acting as an energy and sound absorbing layer underneath the hard surface of the laminate floor. 

3. WhisperWalk. One of Pergo’s most impressive underlay systems, Whisperwalk is a rigid multi-layered underlay which can improve impact sound reduction by 19dB as well as smoothing out uneven subfloors.

4. SmartUnderlay. Performing all the normal roles of floor underlay, including smoothing out subfloor irregularities and providing lightweight insulation, this SmartUnderlay system is also able to improve impact sound by 17dB.

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