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Placing furniture in a room with hardwood flooring fitted (Part 2)

As we have been discussing, it is important to put the care of your hardwood flooring first when deciding what to place within the room. This certainly does not mean that the room has to be empty or sparse, but you just need to bear in mind that this type of floor needs space to breathe.

So, if you do decide to put potted plants by the window, make sure you position them on a trivet or stand instead of simply leaving them on the floor.

It is the same with any furniture you have in the room. The floor finish can easily become damaged by these furniture pieces being moved around. Scratches and dents are common on floors where the furniture has not been placed on protective pads, like the felt ones which are widely available.

As well as providing protection for the floor, these pads also act as a sound barrier too. It is recommended that you get a supply of these products as they do need to be replaced every now and again, especially with the build up of grit and dirt over time.

By following these precautions you can ensure that the finish of your floor is kept looking great whatever furniture you decide to have in the room.

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