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Quick-Step laminate flooring – how to choose the right groove

If you have decided on laminate flooring for your home, Quick-Step wood flooring is a great option to go for.

Like many other types of laminate flooring, Quick-Step floors come with different types of grooves. Unless you’ve seen grooves before, you may have no idea what they are or how to choose the right ones for your home.

Grooves on wood floors are generally known as V-grooves, and they are simply grooves between each plank of the material, even if the laminate only has a plank effect and does not actually come in individual boards.

There are a few reasons why you might want to go for laminate flooring with V-grooves. If you choose boards with a V-groove on the long side (i.e. down the length of the board), this detail can make a room appear deeper and much larger than it is. Alternatively, if you choose boards with an all-round groove (grooves on all 4 sides of the board), you can create a more rural and rustic look in your home.

Of course, V-groove laminate flooring does not suit every home or every type of décor. You can find laminate floors without any grooves at all, and these floors offer a sleeker, more streamlined and modern look.

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