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Quick-Step predicts wood floor trends for the year ahead

As a wood floor manufacturer and a developer of brand new product ranges, Quick-Step always keeps a close eye on the latest interior design trends. On the company’s radar for this year are a number of exciting new wood floor trends, such as the following:

Monochrome. The contrast between light and dark is always an interesting and striking design statement, and it is one that will continue to be popular in homes and workplaces throughout 2013. However, Quick-Step predicts that pale and neutral coloured wood floors (i.e. ash) will take over from pure, gleaming white this year.

Grey-toned floors. Wood floors with greyish hues are set to be very big this year, especially in new build homes and modern, minimalist apartments.

The reclaimed look. In 2013, Quick-Step believes that people will prefer wood floors with the rustic charm and authenticity of reclaimed wood over glossy, super-modern floor coverings. There are many ways to get this coveted look, from using original reclaimed wood with all its knots, burrs, cracks and other characterful features to treating materials with a patina such as hand scraping, dyeing, hand antiquing to give them the rustic, rural, historic and romantic lived in ‘reclaimed’ look.

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