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Reasons to select Kahrs wood flooring for your home

Over the years Kahrs have worked to maintain the natural and warm appeal of their floors despite bringing out new designs each year. The Swedish hardwood flooring maker realise that as wood is a natural raw material, this is an important aspect of what they do.

For those contemplating Kahrs for their home, they can certainly rest assured that this brand always manages to raise the bar, such as inventing the first woodloc joint that does not require glue to hold it together.

The wood is sourced from sustainable forests and every detail of the tree trunks selected for these floors is taken into account so that the pattern is beautiful every time.

The multi-layer finish to the floor is applied in the factory and this UV cured acrylic urethane coating provides excellent protection and is guaranteed to last for many years to come.

Another benefit of Kahrs engineered wood flooring is in its ability to keep a stable shape as the middle core of the floor is backed so that any movements from seasonal change is kept to a minimum.

This is why Kahrs wood flooring from specialists like Just Wood proves to be so popular and is a great choice for homeowners everywhere.

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