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Refinishing a floor that has been excessively sanded (Part 1)

One of the ways to renovate a floor is to sand and refinish it, but on those rare occasions when the sanding has been carried out a number of times already, you may need to find another solution.

In these two articles we will be going through what the wood flooring specialists might do to restore a floor which is now considered too thin for this particular method to be carried out once again.

As well as thin floors, there are also other situations where electronic equipment needs to be protected (without the possibility for removal or efficient covering) and so another approach is required to the task of refinishing the floor.

If this is the case and the old finish has to be removed using a different method, there are chemicals that can be used on wooden flooring. Be sure that only safe and effective solutions are used under these circumstances.

Whatever the circumstances, where sanding your wooden floor is not really feasible, refinishing the flooring another way can be considered by the flooring specialists. Be careful though, as this work should only be undertaken by those who know what they are doing.

In the next article we will look at how this can be achieved.

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