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Refinishing a floor that has been excessively sanded (Part 2)

We have been explaining how sometimes it is not really possible to keep sanding a floor which has already worn too thin or where the situation does not lend itself to this method of restoration, before it can be refinished.

It can prove to be a lot of hassle to go about covering expensive equipment within a room and ensure the dust from sanding is not allowed to get through the protective barriers. Even then there is the possibility this would not be enough. Therefore, the chemical stripping of a floor may be an alternative method, but it can prove effective in this situation.

Removing the remaining finish using chemicals is not something that wood flooring professionals would always recommend, but once the floor finish layer has been removed, you can then apply the new coats. This hardwood flooring work can be done in stages.

The first thing you need to do is contact the wood flooring specialists to see if your floor is suitable for chemical stripping in the first place. If so, they will recommend the safest and most effective product to use. Their engineers can then carry out this task using the right tools and application methods for the job, making sure to prepare the floor before the finish or stain is applied.

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