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Remember how good your floor used to look? (Part 3)

These articles have been looking closely at the decisions people will have to make about their old wooden floor and whether they can ever be restored to past glories.

We have established that this is quite possible, especially when you leave this in the hands of the specialists as their many years of experience can be put to good use as they advise you on the most viable options open to you.

For those that have just moved home into an older property, there is always the inclination to simply pull up the old floors and start again (budget permitting). However, restoring these hardwood floors may be more cost effective, not to mention being a worthwhile solution.

Even if the floor has been covered by a carpet for a long time, the old hardwood floors can be restored and exposed once more. Any quality wooden floor is worth holding onto, but the final decision is up to the homeowner.

A well-maintained wooden floor can last for centuries, although this depends on various factors such as the kind of wood used, its treatment and the type of floor fitted.

So, if you do have a genuine, old wooden floor, restoration is certainly something to think very carefully about.

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