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Repairing a wooden floor damaged by water

It is an unfortunate fact that flooding has become more of an issue in recent years and so if you hardwood flooring has been damaged by this kind of situation or any other involving water, you need to know how best to proceed with the repair work.

Forgetting anything to do with insurance for a moment and whether the company expects all the flooring to be removed or not, the first thing that is recommended by wooden flooring contractors is to dry out the subfloor as well as the floor surface in order to ensure the warping of the boards is under control.

This cannot be stressed enough as the floor needs to be dried as soon as possible, to prevent any mould from thriving on the wood. The easiest way to achieve this is to rent large heated fans and having them pointed towards the surface of the floor. You can also dry the subfloor from the floor below and angling them towards the ceiling if the leak occurred on an upstairs area or if there is a cellar below. Dehumidifiers will also be required to take the moisture from the air. Remember, that ventilation in the room is still very important.

Calling in the wood flooring experts to check out the state of the wood is necessary as they have the right equipment to make the best assessment of the situation and the state of the floor as to whether it can be repaired or needs a full replacement.

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