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Responsibly sourced solid wood flooring

Established in 1993, the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) is an organisation which promotes the responsible resourcing of raw materials from forests across the world. Notable achievements the organisation has achieved include the addressing of public concerns relating to deforestation and the creation of a recognisable certification scheme for manufactured timber products.

It’s impossible to count the cost of the loss of the world’s forests, so sustainable management of natural resources is the only possible option. And the FSC works to promote the management of these resources so that impact that man has on deforestation is reduced.

The Forest Management and Chain of Custody certification is a scheme which has been realised by the FSC and encourages responsible forestry activities across the world. This voluntary scheme enables customers who choose products made from wood, such as wooden flooring, to have an informed choice when selecting their construction materials.

All products which have received the backing of the FSC feature the FSC logo and have been certified as responsibly sourced so you can choose with the knowledge that you are being environmentally conscious.

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