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Restoring your floors to how they once were (Part 1)

If your beautiful wooden floors are no longer as attractive as they were when they were first fitted, you can choose to get them restored or refinished by the flooring specialists. There are also steps you can take yourself to keep them in this beautiful state.

At the outset it is important to note that if you do plan to carry out maintenance yourself then be sure to only use cleaning products which have been recommended by the manufacturer. Such things as furniture polish can dull the finish and make it slippery too.

By cleaning the floors regularly, you can ensure that now it has been restored to its former glory, it remains that way. However, you need to bear in mind that wood and water are not good companions. What we mean by this is that too much water can result in swelling of the surface, so only use a slightly damp mop to clean this hardwood floor.

This may have put you off using water-based cleaning products, so if you do decide to use a vacuum instead, then make sure the beater bar is turned off - or only use the attachment with a softer nozzle for these floors. Otherwise, the surface could be damaged by the vacuum cleaner.

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