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Safety tips for sanding wood floors

If your wood floors have seen better days and are covered in scratches and scuffs, it might be time to get it re-sanded. That’s the great thing about wood floors – that they can be re-sanded time and time again so that your floor ultimately lasts for years before needing to be replaced.

It is possible to sand your wood floors yourself, as you can hire equipment specially designed for floor sanding. However, if you aren’t confident in your DIY abilities or you simply want to ensure a professional job is done, it may be best to get an experienced floor sanding company such as Justwood in to do the work.

Still want to sand your floors yourself? If so, it is vital that you follow these safety tips:

• Equip yourself with a dust mask, goggles and ear protectors – floor sanding can be a loud, dusty and messy business (especially with the poor quality hire sanding machines), and you don’t want to damage your ears or eyes or breathe in any dust.
• Properly ventilate the room – this means opening all windows and doors, as well as maybe getting specialist ventilation equipment in
• Read all instructions and do some research before you start – you need to know how to use your sanding equipment safely.

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