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Signs that your wood floor needs replacing

Money is tight at the moment, meaning that many of us put off replacing worn out and faulty things in our homes. However, when it comes to wood flooring, you should think about replacement as soon as you spot certain signs.

If you suspect your floor is in need of replacement, look for:

• Boards which have begun to lift out of alignment
• Boards which have started to cup, bow, sag or bend
• Noticeable gaps appearing between floor boards
• Discolouration of the boards, beyond the colour development and maturation normally seen in hardwood flooring over time
• Warping and swelling of the floor, usually caused by moisture damage

Could you refurbish instead of replacing your floors?

A less expensive option may be simply to get your wood floor refurbished through floor sanding and floor renovation. This may be a viable option if you notice less serious problems with your floor, usually in the surface or the finish. For example, you should contact a wood flooring renovation specialist if you notice:

• Problems with the surface of the floor, such as the varnish wearing away too quickly
• Dents, chips and other minor surface damage
• Minor scratches and scrapes
• Slight corrugation
• Colour change

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