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Skirtings and mouldings – adding the final touch to your new wood floor

As any wood flooring installer will tell you, the finishing touches are incredibly important in any project involving real wood or laminate flooring. It is not enough to choose a beautiful species of wood with a gorgeous colour, grain and bags of character – you need to make sure you finish the job properly to get the desired effect.

Skirtings and mouldings are important finishing touches in any wood floor project. In fact, they can possibly be considered just as crucial as the floor itself. Without these vital floor accessories, your living room or bedroom will look unfinished.


As anyone who has done any wood floor research will know, skirtings are designed to cover the gap between the floor and the wall. Skirtings can be found in a few different types, from solid and veneered to flexi-edged, but it is very important to colour match your skirtings to the floor itself or use skirtings that are going to be painted, which we feel as a company gives by far the sharpest and best appearance with your new floor.


Whilst skirtings may be more important from an aesthetic point of view, mouldings serve a very practical purpose. They hide the gap between two different floors, at the point where they meet, to create an even and smooth transition from room to room. As they cover edges and level floor surfaces that are at different heights, mouldings help to prevent floors becoming a tripping hazard, as well as improving the finish.

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