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Some important points regarding newly fitted wooden floors

If you have recently had hardwood flooring fitted in your home by the specialists then they will almost certainly have advised you on all the main things you need to take into account. In this article we will offer a recap on a few points to consider with regards to your beautiful new wooden floor.

It is first worth noting that the floor will need to be left to acclimatise to its new setting now that it has been installed. You should ideally leave up to a week for the flooring to settle down and get used to its surroundings before filling the room with furniture and other possessions.

The exact period it should be left for will depend on the type of wood floor installed as well as site conditions. The engineers will be able to offer guidance with this.

Once you do start to make use of the room it is advisable to place ventilated coverings just outside and at the entrance point, so that sand, grit and soil is not allowed to damage the newly-laid floor. Mats are useful for any high traffic areas, while the surface also needs to be protected from direct contact with furniture – so use felt pads in this instance.

Most of this is really just common sense, so just ensure the wooden floor is treated with care and maintenance is carried out as and when needed.

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