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Sort out your sub-floor before getting wood flooring

Many things will affect the installation of wood flooring, from the skill of the fitters to the actual wood flooring product chosen. However, it is the condition of the sub-floor (the low-level surface your wood floor will be installed on) that affects installation the most.

So, before you get wood flooring, you need to whip your sub-floor into shape. To do this, take the advice of wood flooring manufacturer V4.

V4 Wood flooring strongly recommends checking the evenness of your sub-floor before you even think about ordering your wood flooring.  It should be no more than 2mm away from the underside of a metre straight edge or the installed wood floor may squeak, have gaps between boards or fail to adhere properly.

If your sub-floor isn’t even enough, you can level it using a high strength water-powder mix cementitious levelling compound. V4 recommends using this solution over powder and liquid latex emulsions, and also advises using a purpose made fibre reinforced levelling compound if you are planning to fully bond wood flooring at a later date.

Needless to say, the levelling compound must be fully cured and dried before you can install your wood flooring over the top.

The team at Justwood flooring can carry out all necessary sub-floor preparation prior to installing your new floor.

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