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Spacious hallways and parquet flooring are a perfect match

Parquet wood floors, with their ornate designs and complex patterning, can be perceived as old-fashioned for some contemporary spaces. However, they are ideal for some homes and commercial premises, particularly where there is a lot of space available or where the charm of a more authentic, traditional looking floor is desired.

If you have a large, airy entrance hallway in your home and you aren’t sure which flooring material to use, the answer could be parquet flooring. A plain wood floor, with a simple pattern and matching tones, could flatten such a large space. The patterns and elaborate design of a parquet floor, on the other hand, can bring a large, dead space to life.

The entrance hallway also happens to be a space in which you really want to make a big impression with the décor. It is the first part of a home or commercial space that visitors will see, so you want to make a big impact. This is especially the case if you have a lot of space and you want to show it off. With memorable first impressions in mind, parquet is again the ideal choice. It is grand, impressive and showy in just the right way, giving guests the perfect welcome to the property.

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