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Steps to get the best wooden floor – Part 1

If you’ve decided to use wooden flooring in your home, it can be a little daunting deciding how to take your project forward. New wooden flooring can cost a great deal of money, so it pays to get it right at the design and installation phase.

Here are some simple steps to follow to get the most from your wooden floor:

Do some research

It’s worth walking around your home and taking a look at each room in turn before making any final decisions about the wooden flooring you might use in the space. If you are only thinking of installing hardwood flooring in your main room, such as a lounge or living room, take a look at your current furniture and the style of the room before making your choice. You need to get the colour scheme right and make sure the flooring does not clash with any furnishings you want to keep.

Take a look online

One of the best places to look at colours and styles of wooden flooring is online. Here you’ll be able to get a visual representation of what a room looks like when a particular style of flooring is fitted on our website you can have a look at the virtual showroom. Some sites even have wooden flooring calculators to help you work out how much flooring would cost and how many packs of flooring would be needed for a certain sized room.

Continued in the next article

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