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Super style for your studio flat

Studio flats are the epitome of modern style, and they’re a very popular choice with singles and young couples nowadays. As many studio flats are so open though, it’s really important to get decor just right, and the larger aspects of decor are those which need the most urgent attention.

Within a studio flat, flooring is instantly noticeable from the very second the door to the property is opened, so it’s vital to ensure that it looks the part and doesn’t let your decor down.

As studio flats are so modern, risking bringing decor down with thick, old-fashioned carpets should be avoided at all costs, and instead wooden flooring should be laid.

Wooden flooring looks super stylish in studio flats and as there are so many different types and shades of flooring available, there’s no worry about being limited for choice.

Light and dark wooden flooring can look equally as amazing in studio flats, although if your flat is a little on the small side and you want to make it appear a little more spacious, a very light wood could create this illusion.

With wooden flooring it’s super simple to create a super stylish studio flat.

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