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The beauty and versatility of cherry wood

There is so much choice nowadays when it comes to selecting wood flooring for your home. With so many types of wood to take into consideration, you need to think about the qualities you are looking for at the outset.

Each wood option has its own list of qualities and benefits to the homeowner, so it is a case of seeing what works best for you. If you happen to be after a softer species of wood (it is 25 per cent softer than oak for example), which is attractive and can be used for a number of applications, then cherry would make for a great solution.

Cherry certainly has its own individual charm which is warm and inviting. You can opt for flooring which accentuates either the deeper red colour of the heartwood or the creamier tone of the sapwood, or a mix of both depending on the look you are going for.

It is worth noting that once fully aged cherry does undergo a noticeable colour transformation and darkens in its redness. Within a few of months exposed to direct sunlight, this process should be complete.

So if cherry has caught your eye, then you can select from the various flooring types available within this collection.

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