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The benefits of oak flooring

When it comes to fitting hardwood flooring in your home, oak is consistently one of the most popular wood species to be chosen. But what exactly is it that makes oak such a popular choice when it comes to hardwood flooring? The following are a few of the main benefits offered by oak.

It’s incredibly durable

Deciding to have hardwood flooring fitted in your home requires a financial investment, so you want to make sure that the end result will be able to stand the test of time and look beautiful for years to come. Oak is a fantastic choice in this regard, as it is incredibly durable and hardwearing. Oak trees can live for up to 1000 years and possess a straight long graining and silvery texture.

As a species, oak is very resistant to splitting, provides a high level of shock absorbance, and is also resistant to insects and fungi. All this means that you don’t need to worry about your floor becoming damaged a couple of years down the line and having to pay for it to be fixed.

It appeals to different tastes

Oak can be processed, taking to staining and colouring very easily, meaning that it is available in a range of different shades, and can also be offered with oiled or lacquered finishes. The long graining and beautiful texture of the species further contributes to its aesthetic appeal, adding a feeling of luxury to whatever room it is featured in.

It’s an environmentally friendly solution

Oak is a renewable resource, so provides an environmentally friendly solution for flooring. It also takes much less energy to manufacture oak floorboards when compared to synthetic alternatives.

It requires minimal maintenance

Finally, oak flooring is very easy to look after. Simply sweeping or dust mopping your floor on a weekly basis is all it takes to keep it looking as good as when you bought it. Many people even feel that, not unlike a fine wine, oak actually improves with age, with the colour becoming deeper and richer as the years pass.


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