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The cleaning products to use for multi purpose Junckers hardwood floors

When it comes to hardwood flooring we always stress the need to approach the cleaning and care of the floor in the right way. According to the type of wooden flooring you have fitted, the most suitable cleaning products should be used to avoid damage or issues occurring further down the line.

If you are tasked with maintaining a multi purpose floor in a social activity centre, Village hall, sports centre, church hall or exhibition floor then the flooring will have to be looked after on a regular basis.

If you have a Junckers floor our recommendations are:

To achieve this, it is recommended you apply a coat of undiluted Junkers SYLVA sport polish before the floor is ready for use. The floor can then be cleaned again using this product at regular intervals depending on the level of traffic and wear.

Should this treatment alone prove insufficient for the amount of usage on the surface, you can then consider Junckers SYLVA strip polish which is able to remove any excess polish before a new layer of SYLVA sport polish is applied.

It is important to bear in mind though that any flooring treated with polish has to be machine-sanded before a lacquer can be used on the surface.


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