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The importance of a good subfloor

If you are thinking about having a new hardwood floor installed in one of the rooms in your home, it might be a good idea to look at the condition of the subfloor before the new hardwood flooring is fitted. Having a good subfloor is imperative, as anything fitted over an imperfect subfloor may show the subfloor’s faults.

What can go wrong with a subfloor?

Any surface over which hardwood floor is going to be fitted should be in a sound, level condition before the new hardwood floor installation commences. If you have a concrete subfloor, this may need to be levelled using a new layer of screed or be ground flatter. A moisture resistant layer may then need to be fitted between the concrete and the hardwood floor to stop damp entering the new floor’s surface.

If you are fitting a new hardwood floor over existing floorboards, the old floorboards need to be checked for squeaks and also checked for stability and soundness. Any imperfections in the existing floor surface can be transmitted to the floor above.

It’s for the above reasons that the installation of a new hardwood floor should always be left to the professionals. They will make sure the subfloor is in a sound condition before any new floor surface is fitted over the top.

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