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The importance of maintaining your Elka floor with the right product

All wood floors need to be properly maintained if they are to stay looking as radiant and beautiful as the day they were fitted. There are a large number of different products you can use to clean and finish your wood floors, as well as protecting them from marks, scuffs and scratches. However, it is very important to choose the right one for your particular type of wood floor.

The wood flooring manufacturer Elka has made life a bit easier for those who have Elka floors fitted in their homes and businesses, by coming up with a range of products for each of its floors. The product you choose depends on the finish, so if you have a lacquered wood floor you should only use protect and finish products that have been designed for use on lacquered floors. The same goes for oiled wood floors.

What happens if you use the wrong product on your floor?

Nothing too disastrous will happen if you use lacquer finish products on your oiled wood floor. However, the appearance of the floor is likely to be diminished, as the product may leave residue or cloudy marks on the surface of the floor. The whole purpose of using a product to finish and maintain the floor will also be defeated, as if you use the wrong product, the floor won’t be getting the protection and maintenance it needs.

So, before you apply any product to your floor, check whether it’s compatible or not.

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