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The main differences between an oiled and lacquered floor finish

For those contemplating whether to go with an oiled or lacquered finish for their wooden floor, it may come down to a number of factors. In this article we will be considering a few of these that can influence a person’s final decision.

In terms of future maintenance, lacquered finishes do not really require all that much as they are quite hard-wearing. However, they can be prone to dents and scratches if not looked after properly. If you go for this option, be careful to check for wear and tear as eventually it may require sanding and refinishing.

If you have walnut or oak wood flooring and are thinking about an oiled finish, it is important to note that scratches can prove to be an issue in the same way mentioned above. The only difference is that repair is generally much simpler as lighter scratches can just be wiped over with a small amount of hardwax oil. Sanding may still be required for deeper scratches, with re-oiling also carried out, but this can be done to the local area. Maintenance is therefore reasonably easy and can be done as and when needed.

To conclude, for heavy traffic parts of the home, an oiled finish is usually a more practical solution, with lacquered boards well suited to light traffic areas as they are extremely low maintenance.

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