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The perfect wood floor cleaning solution for the workplace

In this day and age health and safety has to be taken very seriously, especially if you are the owner of a business providing facilities for workers and the general public.

Wooden floors are a great flooring solution for such places; however, due to the fact they can sometimes be slippy, with the amount of people trampling on them on a daily basis, it can make owners think twice before installing such a quality floor in their premises.

There is no need to worry about the possibility of accidents any longer as products such as Bona Traffic Anti Slip can be used and applied to the surface so that it provides the flooring with excellent wear and chemical resistant properties.

Not only that but they also offer great adhesion too and an aversion to scuff marks, so the floor will continue to look at its best despite the high amount of usage.

This polyurethane 2-component waterborne finish will really protect your wooden floor and ensure that it meets the highest of standards in terms of slip resistance for your workplace setting.

So, reduce the risk of someone slipping on your attractive wooden floor and use a specialist product such as Bona Traffic Anti Slip.

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