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The rich red colouring of Kahrs Jarrah Sydney

If you want to have hardwood flooring installed in your home, then there may be certain characteristics that stand out from the crowd, enabling you to make the ultimate choice.

When it comes to Jarrah Sydney, which is produced by a world-renowned manufacturer in Kahrs, you will immediately be drawn in by its dark brown to red colour which can really captivate the emotions.

Over the years you will find that this colour only serves to deepen, so you know you are getting a beautiful wooden floor, which boasts qualities making it ideal for use in various interiors.

Jarrah Sydney, as the name would suggest, is a floor which is commonly found in Australasia. Made from trees which belong to the Eucalyptus family, you will be able to vouch for its durability and hard nature. It is no wonder then that this wood has been associated with boat building and other applications where the ability to withstand harsh environments is key.

Despite its tough attributes, this wooden flooring has a smooth surface and aesthetic beauty, making it ideal for this purpose. As jarrah is also used to make furniture, its deep colouring means it can be integrated into almost any type of domestic or commercial setting.

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