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The use of hardwax oil on your wood floor

If you are looking to provide a traditional finish for your wooden floor, giving it a stunning natural sheen that will mellow over time, then you might wish to consider hardwax oil.

This is one solution that will provide the soft finish you require, while it can help to almost erase any scratches in the surface. The product can be rubbed into the scratch or scuffed area of the floor and protect it against any further signs of general wear and tear.

Many people decide on this oiled finish, so they need to be careful when performing day-to-day maintenance on their wood flooring. This is because oiled floors are more porous by their very nature than lacquer and so only the minimum amount of water should be used to clean them.

This does not mean that you should refrain from occasionally using a damp cloth or lightly-watered mop on particularly dirty areas, but you need to ensure that an excessive amount of moisture is not allowed to come in contact with the floor. Therefore, a soft broom or a cylinder vacuum cleaner is more preferable for regular cleaning.

A coat of maintenance oil will also need to be applied every now and again, while the floor should be re-oiled every one to two years.

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